Our story

Oligami is the project of two young farmers in the town of Els Omellons, who are committed to organic farming, respecting the environment, seeking the balance between the wisdom of our ancestors and the new technologies.
For a long time guarding and protecting the land has been part of our DNA, especially the olive trees, which are part of our identity, forging our personalities, for this reason we continue the legacy that our ancestors started in these lands , taking care not only of the olive trees but of the sun which helps them root and the environment that surrounds them.

Cultivation tasks

The different jobs we carry out throughout the year ranges from taking care of the trees, regenerating the soil, maintaining plant cover which favors microorganisms and the structure of the soil.

We respect biodiversity

Oligami respects the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in our farms, encouraging the nesting of birds to support the biological fight for pest control and being part of the eco-bats project.

Using the best techniques

We collect the olives at their optimum point of harvest, making sure that they arrive in the best conditions and temperature to the mill, where it is ground at low temperatures thus retaining all its organoleptic properties, so that the consumer enjoys an olive oil freshly squeezed, keeping all the personality of our land.
Throughout the year we make sure that we bring to your home our best work, extra virgin olive oil Oligami and Oligami Premium.

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